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Hi-Rel Flexible and Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Micro-Mode has been manufacturing high quality cable assemblies since 1971. Experienced in stainless steel, copper and Aluminum semi-rigid coaxial cables our assemblers pay close attention to detail. Micro-Mode also offers high quality flexible cable assemblies and delay lines. Micro-Mode utilizes the latest advanced testing equipment to insure 100% reliability. Paired with our coaxial cable connectors Micro-Mode offers high performance, high quality, and competitive pricing all under one roof.

Space qualified hi-rel semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies

Don't see what you're looking for? Micro-Mode's in house engineers will help you find the right cable assembly for your application. Our professional staff of engineers has helped our customers design custom cable assemblies for unique applications. Engineering models or full scale production runs, Micro-Mode has the solution for you.

We would welcome the opportunity to bid on any of your requirements which fall within our areas of expertise. If you prefer to send a sketch of your requirement, we can develop it into a working package.

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